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INF-O-SEND enables you to contact your customers by sms on their mobilphones. You may send your customers individual information like reminders regarding specific dates. In addition you can send information to customer groups in an unlimited number at a time only by a mouceclick for example about news regarding your company, products or special offers.

As additional function we provide an email-to-sms-server which enables you to send sms using your email software or to connect your systems to our application.

Using the INF-O-SEND Administration you can setup individual messages and send them immediately or you may enter new messages, store them and determine a specific date and time you want the message to be send automatically. The comfortable customer administration tool enables you to store data and use it for example to collect specific customers to a receiver group and send sms to all assigned members of a group by a single mouceclick at a time.

You also may determine intervales for messages you want to be send frequently or in repeat. The system will then send the SMS automatically in order to the interval you determined. This will save your time because you need to enter the necessary data only once.

Regarding general messages like reminders you may store messages as a standard text and use them further on to avoid manually reentering of such messages.

A big advantage of this medium is also to get fast contact directly to your cutomers. In opposite to a letter, email or fax your customers will read your message within shortest time after receiving it. This enables you to use it also for short term messages like when you are late.